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Mellisa Root offers a variety of services, from bespoke consulting packages to delicious chocolate treats. Below you will find an overview of Mellisa's expertise! Request more information via the contact form.


01 chocolate & confections

One-of-a-kind, small-batch, hand-crafted chocolates and candies (catered to each season) await you in a Mellisa Root Chocolates & Confection's box. Each bite brings a taste of joy, curated for those with a sweet tooth and appreciation for world-class desserts. Experience it for yourself by ordering a box!

02 judging

Mellisa's impressive career has provided her with an abundance of opportunities to learn from some of the best chocolatiers and pastry chefs in the world. Now, she offers her insights to the next generation of talents as a confectionary competition judge. Get in touch to hire Mellisa for your upcoming event!


03 consulting

Would you like to learn from an expert? Mellisa strives to lead a career that honors the guidance she received throughout her personal journey, and one way she does that is through consulting. Mellisa makes time for her mentees and networks, always aiming to continue to pave the way for the equitable culinary career trajectory of others. Reach out today to explore the possibilities!

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